Community Production: ALADDIN

Auditions will be held on Sunday, September 22 at PPLC. Register here to reserve your audition spot. You will be placed on a waitlist and if you are cast in the show, we will proceed with your Participation & Costume fee at that time. 

Stagecrafters’ winter Community Production will be Peter Pan. Enrollment is by audition only and students must be currently enrolled in a Stagecrafters class to be eligible for auditions. After auditioning, students will be assured a part in one of the two Community Productions. Please note that program ad and participation fees are required if cast. Auditions will be held on Sunday, September 22 and performances are scheduled for Jamuary 17 & 18 2020. Please note our MANDATORY TECH WEEK begins Sunday, January 12. Information and details concerning auditions, rehearsals, and fees will be distributed in all eligible Stagecrafters classes. Please be familiar with mandatory fees prior to auditioning. All mandatory fees (Participation, Ad & Costume) are included in price below. The Participation Fee and Costume Fee are due with registration. Production Team: Wendy Scott-Koeth, Tali Singer, Darian Wilson


Tali Singer


Tali is thrilled to be working at Stagecrafters! Tali grew up performing throughout the Cleveland area, but always called Stagecrafters home. She recently moved back to Cleveland after living in NYC for 5 years working for The Weinstein Company and for Paradigm Talent Agency in the Youth Department. Tali holds a BA in Theatre & Film with a focus is Musical Theatre Performance from the University of Kansas.


  Tali Singer , Darian Wilson , Wendy L Scott-Koeth

Pepper Pike Learning Center : Gym
Sunday, Sep 22
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Pepper Pike Learning Center : Gym
Tue/Thu, Oct 1 - Jan 9
5:30 - 8:30 PM

Orange High School : Auditorium
Sundays, Oct 6 - Dec 15
12:30 - 4:00 PM

Orange High School : Auditorium
Mon Jan 13 - Sat Jan 18
4:00 - 9:00 PM

  No Class Sep 24, Sep 26, Sep 29, Oct 8, Oct 10, Oct 13, Oct 31, Nov 24, Nov 26, Nov 28, Dec 1, Dec 22, Dec 24, Dec 26, Dec 29, Dec 31, Jan 2, Jan 5 & Jan 12

Grades   2nd - 7th

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