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Academic Adventures Camp- Animal Discoveries

Summer Camps / Early Childhood Camps -
Summer Camps 2021

This school year has been challenging for some students. If you want to boost his or her confidence heading back into school, look no further than Academic Adventures Camp. There is nothing standard about this camp (except for Learning Standards, that is)! Academic Adventures Camp will provide your entering K through 5th grader with two solid weeks of project-based FUN!

Whether you choose Pizza Parlor, Animal Discoveries or both, your child will be more than ready to go back to school with confidence! The camps offer smaller group sizes and highly-qualified teachers that are sure to give your child an extra edge! 

During Animal Discoveries week, your camper will be immersed in everything related to the “zoo.” Each day, your child will “travel” the world to study various animal habitats such as: Journey to the Jungle, In the Savannah, Forest Frontiers, Ocean Explorers and Polar Expeditions.

Entering Kindergarten

Learning Focus: Ordering, measuring, writing, rhyming, one to one correspondence, maps, life cycle, animal traits, fantasy/reality, major events, habitats

Animal Discoveries- Kindergarten Prep Closed
Pepper Pike Learning Center : Room 41- Preschool
Mon Aug 9 - Fri Aug 13
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


$ 209.00

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