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About Get Creative
We offer a wide range of activities that allow for creative and imaginative expression, such as music, crafting, cooking, and writing.

Featured Courses

  • Mix It Up Cooking

    Whisk, chop, stir and taste yummy foods this spring during our very popular cooking program! With professional instruction, kids of every level are given the opportunity to have fun cooking while developing culinary techniques, trying new foods, and best of all, making new friends! This hands-on cooking class will cover kitchen safety, knife skills, and how to measure while creating appetizers, snacks and desserts! In addition to cooking, your child will participate in interactive structured games, crafts and cooking themed activities.
  • Pinterest Pals

    Love making crafts but can’t find the time to complete them? Join Pinterest Pals to make a weekly craft from the popular social media website Pinterest. Each week we use different materials that are commonly found at home to make some cool recyclable art projects! Our goal is to enable children to experience different art media while giving children the opportunity to enjoy art and develop freedom of expression!