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Our programming with provide students with the opportunity to get hands-on with a wide range of topics to not only challenge children but also spark their creativity and natural skills!

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  • Future Scientists

    Ready for your child to question, challenge, and examine their world with excitement and hands-on activities? Join Future Scientists where each class provides opportunities for children to experiment, analyze, predict, and make a project emphasizing the topic. Taught by trained and certified Future Scientist teachers, children will experiment with science tools and explore chromatography in “What is Science”, feel the magic of “Magical Magnets” and discover “Fabulous Floating & Super Sinking!” during our April classes. Come May, children will learn the science of “Terrific Teeth”, investigate animal DNA in “Amazing Animals”, and learn how walkie talkies, radios, fax machines, cell phones, and printers work in “Tricky Technology”. We hope to see all our future scientists back in action experimenting!