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What's Cooking?
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About What's Cooking?
The Adult Recreation & Discovery departments offers a comprehensive array of classes and workshops for adults of all ages in the areas of artistry, craftsmanship and design, cooking, career development, health, fitness and wellness, language, travel, technology, adult sports and more. Classes are offered in the traditional classroom setting and online.

Featured Courses

  • Easy Cornucopia Using Frozen Bread Dough

    Gather the family around the kitchen island and get ready to make a beautiful and delicious edible cornucopia for the Thanksgiving holiday. Empty-nesters are welcome, too! You will learn how to make the mold out of heavy-duty foil, and how to build your masterpiece. Have on hand the foil (a roll of regular for the “filling” is fine) plus the heavy duty for the outside, one 3-loaf package of Rhodes frozen bread dough, thawed, a beaten egg, parchment paper , a pastry brush, a baking sheet, and a can of cooking spray to lubricate your mold. Add some fun decorations using mini cookie cutters or make your initials to decorate! You will complete the class with a cornucopia, ready to adorn your Thanksgiving table.
  • Easy Hallah for the Holidays

    No matter how you celebrate the holidays, you will have fun making this simplitfied version of the classic Hallah bread. You will learn how to braid and finish this beautiful loaf knowing it was made with love! Have on hand a parchment lined baking sheet, a 3-loaf package of frozen Rhodes bread dough, thawed, softened butter, a pastry brush, and a couple of beaten eggs. Add sesame seeds or poppy seeds to finish your loaves. After baking this once, you will be able to do this any time the craving for Hallah bread strikes! Makes two loaves. Empty-nesters welcome!