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  • Future Engineers

    Engineering by Future Scientists is a class in which children question, challenge, and examine their world! Students will become engineers as they use a variety of materials, while creating their own structure to bring home at the end of the session. They will work from the ground up and understand basic balance, forceful foundation, plentiful plumbing, electrifying energy, fabulous framing, inside insulation and pretty paint! Students will use multiple types of manipulatives to create sturdy structures in each class. NO CLASS November 25.
  • Future Scientists

    Future Scientists is an experience in which children question, challenge, and examine their world with excitement and hands-on activities! Each class, which features a different topic, engages children in experimenting, analyzing, predicting, and making projects. The September/October class will focus on science tool time, large land forms, air pressure, mighty oceans, why we burp, hiccup and yawn, and the science of flight. The November/December class will focus on harvest time & colorful leaves, lenses & light, animal organs, moving matter, windy weather, and adhesion & cohesion. NO CLASS October 10 or November 28.
  • Math Monkey For Threes

    Our youngest troop of preschoolers receive an introduction to basic math concepts such as number identification, counting, patterns, shapes, and more ideas that will help support them in Pre-Kindergarten. This is an activity-based math enrichment program filled with games and art projects that will stimulate and excite your child as they develop a love for math. Some topics covered will be basic addition and subtraction, number recognition, counting, estimation and patterns. Students are encouraged to register for both sessions to cover all math topics. NO CLASS October 9 or November 27.