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  • The Professional Babysitter

    Each year many teens gear up to babysit for neighbors, friends, and family. For many young teens, babysitting is their first job and the beginning of habits that will last a lifetime. This workshop is an outstanding introduction to babysitting and it will insure that the habits developed will be good habits. We will focus on how to interact with children to keep them active and interested along with how to plan age appropriate activities, develop outstanding organizational and communication skills, and how to interview parents in order to collect all the crucial information you will need to have a safe, productive, and enjoyable time with the children. If you are a warm, kind, understanding, patient, interested, positive, dependable, and responsible person, then come join other teenagers in the community for this fun - filled, hands - on workshop.
  • I'm Awesome! I'm Amazing!

    In this monthly workshop, boys and girls have a chance to come together to make something extraordinary happen in their lives, as well as the lives of those around them! Through arts, crafts and hands - on cooking, our students encounter new forms of creativity and self - expression to elevate their stunning sense of self - esteem. Children will work in age appropriate groups as well as all together to enhance their infinite possibilities. The program prepares and polishes your child to meet life’s social challenges and make a smooth transition into adulthood.