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Our main objective is to foster positive sports experiences. We offer opportunities in soccer, football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis, cheerleading, lacrosse, wrestling, camps and more!

In order for participants to truly benefit from these experiences, a positive approach must be embraced by everyone in the program, including program administrators, staff, instructors, coaches, parents and participants. The purpose of these programs is to provide a fun and accessible sports experience for all. Participation in athletics helps develop self-esteem, promotes teamwork, and develops the mind and body. To ensure our philosophy is successful, we will follow these guidelines:

  • Everyone can participate: Registration is open to adults and all boys and girls ages 3-14 (Grade 8), regardless of skill level or physical abilities. In regards to competitive travel teams, everyone is provided the opportunity to try-out.
  • Everyone plays: Our goal is for everyone to PLAY. Rules mandate that every player must have equal playing time; we do not favor competition over participation.
  • Everyone will play safe: Making safety a top priority for coaches, instructors and participants helps to prevent and reduce the number of injuries incurred by participants.
  • Everyone will receive positive coaching: Positive encouragement from coaches and instructors will provide a positive atmosphere and experience for participants to develop skills.
  • Everyone will play fair: Participants will be placed on balanced teams, giving each team a chance to compete fairly. 

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